Thursday August 19th

At 12:00 PM Pacific (Los Angeles)

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"A fifth of professional Amazon merchants sell more than $1 million a year..."


"We're close to half a million profit in 3 years. You'd need a really good job to get that kind of paycheck."

Testimonial 1

Aymeric M. 1st Generation Immigrant

"We did over $1.5 million in sales. My husband served only an advisory capacity while I work 30 hours a week."

Testimonial 2

Elizabeth D. Family Focused Venture

"I had been laid off after 25 years of working. I currently have 3 accounts that combine for over $100k in profit per year."

Testimonial 3

Cheryl B. Corporate Lay-off Success

Note: Aymeric, Elizabeth, and Cheryl all use the exact same approach you'll discover on this webinar first hand.