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Here's What You Get When You Sign Up For The Wholesale Formula


5 modules of step-by-step video trainings showing you the exact methods to build, automate and grow your Amazon business.


The best resources, shortcuts, and processes for selling on Amazon... and succeeding in the eCommerce industry.


This newest course created by Dan & Dylan of The Wholesale Formula will teach you exactly how to think like a business owner (including how to scale and automate your business).


90 Day Access to a Coaching and Support Facebook group where all questions asked are guaranteed a response by a TWF coach. An unprecedented level of support so you can feel the relief that you aren’t doing this alone, you have help whenever you need it.


TWF has hired experts of their formula to coach new customers, in group coaching sessions. Each coach is at least a 6-figure seller using The Wholesale Formula in their own business.


Leverage the proprietary scouting methods of Black Box Scouting, Amazon Filtering, and Super-Targeting to find lots of great wholesale product opportunities fast!


Email templates to contact Brand Owners, Communication templates, as well as access to checklists, spreadsheets, and other fill-in-the-blank tools & resources.


Even after all their success and experience with Amazon, TWF is still learning new ways to grow and improve, and love nothing more than sharing those new insights with you.

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These bonuses are not available from anyone else. In order to get them, you must join from this page. Once the countdown timer hits zero, these bonuses go away.
Bonus 1

ManageByStats (& SellerMail™)

This is the software I think every Amazon seller should be using, but most have never heard of it.

There is no free version of this software, and most sellers, if they are smart, pay $719.64 per year to use ManageByStats. But I have something no one else has - I helped get the founder and creator of this software, Philip Jepsen, started on Amazon way back in 2013...

... so I arranged for you to get ManageByStats free for 1 year!

What can you do with ManageByStats?

  • Instantly see how much profit you are making on Amazon at a glance (unlike Amazon's own reporting, which you need 5 decoder rings to make sense of it).
  • Manage multiple brands all from one convenient location, which is a wholesaler's dream and impossible to manage any other way on Amazon.
  • Easily show brand owners exactly how much value you provide so they give you better deals on their products and even offer you exclusivities so you can be the only one selling their products on Amazon.

Plus! You also get free usage of SellerMail for 1 year.

SellerMail is the best tool to streamline and automate all of your communication with customers who buy any products that you sell on Amazon.


MBS Retriever is a Chrome extension that makes researching products on Amazon an absolute breeze. It's as easy as browsing the Amazon store!

At our request, the ManageByStats team created a new feature that is only available to our customers who join TWF. The new feature (appropriately called TWF), automates The Wholesale Formula 4-point check, telling you immediately if a product is viable and what the profit potential is. No guesswork and no math on your part!

Right now, ONLY customers who join from this page can activate this feature in MBS Retriever.

Retail Value: $719.64

Note: This bonus will be made available to you on September 20th, 2022 and instructions on how to claim it will be made available via the Wholesale Formula members area, which you will receive access to via email within minutes of your purchase. You will be able to download and process up to 500 transactions per month for 1 year with the ManageByStats free membership are receiving with this special bonus. Additional transactions will require a paid subscription plan. Your 1 year free membership also includes the ability to send up to 2,000 emails per month with SellerMail. Additional messages will require a paid subscription plan. There are no restrictions on the usage of the MBS Retriever Chrome extension.

Bonus 2

Done For You Wholesaler Site

The easiest way to close brand deals is to have a killer looking, professional website.

But building a website right will usually cost at least $1,000 to outsource, because this website needs to look polished and say the right things.

So we're just going to DO IT FOR YOU.

Not only will your website look great, it will say the right things you need to say to get brands to do deals with you.

Use this and hit the ground running.

Retail Value: $999.95

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 5 is released and instructions on how to claim it will be made available via the Wholesale Formula members area, which you will receive access to via email within minutes of your purchase.

Bonus 3

Listing Level Up (& Keyword Radar)

In this exclusive, members-only training, I'll show you every Amazon listing optimization secret I know.

From title, to images, to bullet points, to product descriptions, and more.

I'm the highest paid conversion expert on the planet, and even Zoom itself brought me in to train its user base on conversion. Now you get that same expertise FOR FREE.

A 40.56% Conversion Rate!

I'll put to work for you the same insight I gave to sellers like Matson, who with my listing level-ups doubled his profits...

Plus! Another exclusive training by me, Jason Fladlien, where I will show you, with 100% free tools, how to find the keywords that everyone else misses.

The easiest way on Amazon to double the sales of a product overnight is to find the "un-obvious" keywords and put them on your listing in one of three places.

You'll discover those places and how to find those keywords - this is the easiest money you'll ever make. A single keyword found the way I'll show you can be worth $10,000 in extra sales per year. If that keyword is 5 letters long, you just got paid $2,000 per keystroke.

Retail Value: $6,250

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 3 is released and will be accessed via the Wholesale Formula members area, which you will receive access to via email within minutes of your purchase.

Bonus 4

Brand Bait

I'm going to give you a simple fill-in-the-blank template that you can use to effortlessly create a custom report for any brand whose products you want to sell on Amazon.

When you show them this report, they will thank the heavens that someone like you has finally come into their life, because it will be obvious and undeniable to the brand owner how much value you bring to the table.

I'll hand over to you this template as well as a video training of how to point and click it together in just a few short minutes.

It flips every switch needed to turn a standoffish brand into one who can't wait to get you selling their product on Amazon.

Retail Value: $2,000

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 4 is released and will be accessed via the Wholesale Formula members area, which you will receive access to via email within minutes of your purchase.

Bonus 5

One Year Access to VA Placement

The Wholesale Formula is so truly "formulaic" (and so simple) that you can outsource most of the day-to-day work to virtual assistants (VAs).

The usual challenges with hiring VAs are numerous - They need to be found, qualified, vetted, trained, and they need to be managed... plus they can often be expensive.

Enter VA Placement - where the VAs are already found, vetted, taught all the Amazon basics, certified on their skills, and are ready to go. These VAs have gone through the proprietary "VA University" program specifically designed for Amazon-based seller businesses. You just have to train them on the specifics of your business and the process you want them to follow.

Plus, VA Placement monitors your VA's hours, activities, and manages payroll for you, in addition to providing ongoing training to your VAs. When Amazon introduces something new, your VAs get training directly from VA Placement!

And here's the best part... the cost is just $4/hr with a minimum of 5 hours per week. That is all it takes for you to start having VAs scout products for you and start reaching out to Brand Owners (as well as managing many other parts of your Amazon business for you)!

Normally you'd pay a $97 set up fee, and then a $47 per month membership fee. However, we've negotiated a deal where when you join The Wholesale Formula from this page, the set up fee will be waived, and we will cover the first year of membership dues for you, saving you $661.

Retail Value: $661

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 5 is released and instructions on how to claim it will be made available via the Wholesale Formula members area, which you will receive access to via email within minutes of your purchase.

Due to the nature of the service to find, vet, train, and certify VAs prior to allowing members to interview and select their candidate, there may be a delay in providing you with candidates to interview and hire (based upon demand). Once the bonus is released, priority will be assigned based on the order in which The Wholesale Formula was purchased. The sooner you sign up for The Wholesale Formula, the higher you will be on the priority list. For details on the VA Placement service, please see

Bonus 6

5,000 Products In 136 Minutes

We were on a conference call with the guys at The Wholesale Formula (Dan & Dylan) when, as an aside, they showed us a brand they just landed as a reseller and how they were able to sell 5,000 units of one of its products in two hours and 16 minutes.

In fact, they would've sold more, but the brand didn't initially think they could sell that many units in a week, much less an afternoon, so they ran out of inventory.

It gets better.

  • This was a listing that had a typo for the name of its product in the title of its Amazon listing. In other words, it was missing out on a whole bunch of sales!
  • These units were being "fronted" by the brand - meaning that Dan & Dylan didn't have to pay anything up front to resell these units... even though this was a brand new client they were working with.
  • They also used an "influencer" strategy that is... quite simply... brilliant.

Keep the context in mind - this is something they've never taught because (a) it just happened recently and (b) it was just something they were showing us in casual conversation.

So in our true deal-making fashion, we lobbied for (and landed) an exclusive interview with Dylan Frost to show you exactly how they were able to land this client and sell so many units so fast.

No one has ever seen or heard of this approach yet, and you won't find it anywhere else. We won't sell this separately or give it away - because it's too valuable. The only way to get your hands on this is to sign up on this page for The Wholesale Formula.

Jason Fladlien conducted the interview, and he didn't stop until he pulled every last secret out of Dylan. You will be given access to this exclusive recording, so you can watch at any time in the members area.

Retail Value: $1,125

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 5 is released. The recording will be made available via the Wholesale Formula members area, which you will receive access to via email within minutes of your purchase.

Bonus 7

Compulsive Success

This bonus may seem weird...

In fact, for about half the people who use this bonus, it will do little more than put you in a calm, relaxed and soothing mood. But for the other half of you, this "strange" set of audio tracks will compel your success, and magnetize Amazon profits to you.

It's the same sort of science Jason Fladlien has applied to help him find products, land deals, and make more money.

Think of a time in your life when you've just been ON - where your intuition was sharp, you knew what to do and just did it, and everything seemed to go your way.

Can you imagine being able to switch on that same sort of performance from yourself when it comes to learning the The Wholesale Formula, finding products to resell, and landing wholesale accounts? That's exactly what this bonus will do!

We hired a top expert, who is a go-to coach for some of the biggest celebrities and athletes who need to be "on" when the stakes are high.

We had him custom design a specific program for customers who join The Wholesale Formula from this page. Now all you have to do is get some headphones on and listen. Specifically, we reached into our pockets and paid him to create these five powerful tracks, exclusively for those who purchase The Wholesale Formula through this page:

Track 1: Learning Nirvana

Your initial goal is to learn the formula and how to apply it. This track will place you in a state to where your mind will seem like the proverbial sponge, because you will soak up knowledge faster and more deeply.

Make this track part of your morning routine on the days when your primary activity will be learning The Wholesale Formula.

Track 2: Picking Products

Have you ever seen someone performing a task, like searching for product opportunities, and wonder how that person was able to find products so quickly that you would have clearly overlooked? No more! The secret is to place yourself in a state where your brain sees opportunities more clearly and this is exactly what this track will do, it will put you in a state where you will see "the matrix" and recognize product opportunities that you otherwise might overlook.

Make this track part of your morning routine on the days when your primary activity will be finding product opportunities.

Track 3: Landing the Deal

Do you know someone who seems to have unparalleled confidence and the right words to say to get others to do what they want? They close deals. They seem so smart and prepared.

Here's the thing... they are no different than you and I in any regard, other than they have learned to activate the part of their brain that puts them in a state of confidence at will. It's a powerful state that perfectly combines verbal and non-verbal cues that others receive and respond to, and this track will put you in that exact state!

Make this track part of your morning routine on the days when your primary activity will be contacting brand owners or distributors.

Track 4: Mid-Day Boost (Optional)

This track is completely optional and you may skip it or use it on days when you want a mid-day boost of confidence and energy so you can be at your peak performance levels for the rest of the day.

Use this track as needed.

Track 5: Recharge

This track will do multiple things at once. First, it will help you rest better, because resting your mind and body is critical to acheiving more! Second, it will help you become resilient and solidify the inspired states you have placed yourself in throughout the day, so that they become automatic. After listening to this track a few times, you'll likely get a distinct feeling that the world is conspiring to help make you a success, and watch as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Make this track part of your bedtime routine and not only will you get better and deeper sleep, you will also reprogram your brain while you sleep!

Retail Value: $499

Note: This bonus will be made available to you via the Wholesale Formula members area, which you will receive access to via email within minutes of your purchase.

Bonus 8

The Whale Bonus

Here's the deal. The real big (8 figure) successes using The Wholesale Formula all have one thing in common - they have that "whale" account, meaning one account they land makes them millions of dollars just on its own.

Dylan and Dan - creators of The Wholesale Formula - have landed several of these accounts.

One of their top accounts, for example, has brought in over $5,000,000 in profit... just by itself.

Want to know HOW they landed this account? You got it. Even better than THAT though! You'll get to see a full transcript of the actual call that took place to land them this 5 million dollar (in profit) deal.

Best of all: we had Dylan personally walk us through the transcript of that call on a Zoom session. Why he said what he said, the details of the deal, what was at stake, you name it - it will all be laid bare for you.

There is a catch!

You must sign an NDA to be able to watch the training where Dylan breaks it all down.

In order to maintain secrecy, we're not allowed to share the recording with you in the members area. It was one of Dylan's strict conditions. However, we explained that we have customers in many time zones and that some customers may not be able to attend the training at a specific date and time, so they agreed to let us "rebroadcast" the recording live up to 9 times during the 7-day period . We will host these rebroadcast sessions at times that are friendly to every time zone and we highly encourage you to try and watch it more than once while it is available!

The reason for all this secrecy is because of how valuable and precious such a bonus is. So be prepared to watch it multiple times, and take lots of notes. This is truly a unique opportunity to discover what it's like, from a real-world example, to land "whale" wholesale accounts.

Retail Value: $12,000

Note: The live rebroadcasts will be scheduled within two weeks of Module 5 being released. Approximately one week before the first rebroadcast, you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which will be sent to you via email. After you have signed the agreement, we will send you all the dates and times for the rebroadcast sessions and you will be automatically registered to attend the live rebroadcast session(s) of your choice. You can attend as many times as you wish. Please note that due to license agreements, we cannot make any exceptions to the availability of the rebroadcasts, and you are absolutely required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to watch. If you miss our request for NDA and/or announcement of the training/rebroadcast times, or you are not available to attend any of the sessions, you will forfeit this bonus. There are no exceptions for any reason whatsoever.



Take the $2,997 one-time investment option today to qualify for a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee which states that for any reason - or none at all - if you want your money back you can get it.

Just contact TWF's support. within 30 days of your purchase.

NOTE: If you choose the multi-installment plan to purchase The Wholesale Formula, you are not eligible for a refund.

Didn't speak English. Now has a million-dollar business.

Made money back in a couple weeks

Single Mom. $25k a month. Works a few hours a week.

Started with $500 in products. Turned it into $500,000.

$40k in profit for 11 accounts.

$100k from 3 accounts.

First 100k month because of TWF

Broke $1,000,000

6 figures from first account.

Started with a very small amount of cash

TWF Pays for Itself Quickly (60k)

$11k in less than 60 days.

Still working a part-time day job

$11k In One Month With Very Limited Budget

$10k in first 20 days.

Over $3k In First Month!

Two school teachers replace day job income quickly.

Earning more money than he ever has in his life

$100k from 2 to 3 hours per week.

$60k within 3 weeks of quitting job.

Headed to $10,000,000

$100k Milestone!

Almost $3 Million in 1 Year

$100k in 2 hours a month.

From $7780 a year to $100,000+

Bank account rewarded!

300k, with luck a half million

$0 to $400k in 1st year, now over $1 million

$100K+ per month

$1.2 Million, Couldn't Believe It

Just shy of $1.8 million

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